MakeNewReport(index, db, query = NULL, …); Query now can be NULL on default.

inIndex as integer,
inDatabase as VDatabase,
inQuery as String = NULL,
inCursorLocation as EVCursorLocation = kClientSide,
inLockType as EVLockType = kReadOnly,
inCursorDirection as EVCursorDirection = kForwardOnly ) as VReport

Starting from 4.1 parameter inQuery can be NULL. In this case will be used original query around which was designed report, i.e. query stored inside of project.

This simplify development because there is no need to copy/paste query 2 times. In the same time you still can specify different query: e.g. with different WHERE statement.

Reports on linux now much faster (10+ times)!

Igor have made great job improving speed of reports generation on linux, which uses the FreeType library (instead of wxWidgets+OS like on WIN/MAC). As result, time of report of one developer go down from 3 second to 0.3.

Actually FreeType library can be used on MAC and WIN. Just no big sense because it was much slower.

Now we see sense to enable TWO render-engines on MAC/WIN and be able switch them runtime. This will be useful for building of automated test-system for reports.