NOW V4CC/iV4CC Works with GarbageCollection-enabled apps also

For this we just have set option GarbageCollection = SUPPORTED for V4CC (32/64)  and iV4CC (Dev/Sim)  targets. This means that now these frameworks will work in both kinds of apps: GC-enabled and GC-not-enabled.

Note, that internally V4CC still uses retain/release. Also keep in mind that we very recommending to developers manage lifetimes of database objects manually. Just image that you have allow to GarbageCollector manage a VCursor instance. When you think record locks will be released?

Valentina for iPhone becomes free for use with release 4.2!

With 4.2 release we make Valentina for iPhone (iV4CC), which currently is VClient only, totally free for download and use. Of course you should have a license of a Valentina Server.

Note, that now you can easy download iV4CC and VServer Office archive with DEMO license, develop and test application on both Simulator and iPhone Device.