Valentina for iPhone becomes free for use with release 4.2!

With 4.2 release we make Valentina for iPhone (iV4CC), which currently is VClient only, totally free for download and use. Of course you should have a license of a Valentina Server.

Note, that now you can easy download iV4CC and VServer Office archive with DEMO license, develop and test application on both Simulator and iPhone Device.

Project window have new “Import Local/Remote Project” buttons

These buttons allow you easy import local project to a remote Valentina Server, and visa versa – remote project to local HDD.

Idea is simple: you choose local project, then vstudio create on a selected VSERVER a new project, and execute INSERTs record by record from your local project’s table.  As result, you get on the VSERVER a new project with all the same items, which already registered and ready for use.

Report Editor get powerful formatting by pattern

This is a very important feature for reports. And we have implement it using the same internal engine as the Valentina SQL format() function.

You can read Valentina WIKI:

For any output field you can specify in the inspector its pattern and kind of pattern (number, currency, …).

Valentina SQL get powerful FORMAT() function.

Ivan have add into Valentina engine new very powerful FORMAT() function for SQL.

It provides great ability to convert numbers and date/times into string format.

Please read detailed syntax in the Valentina WIKI:

The same algorithms will be added in nearest time to Valentina Reports.