Valentina Office Server /5 Now Free

Valentina Office Server is a combined database and enterprise ready reports server from Beaverton, Oregon-based Paradigma Software. Almost any individual or organization can now get a free copy of it -actually, up to three copies – one for each operating system: Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

With all the FOSS databases around, why Valentina? For one, you get an awesome reports server, and I have yet to come across a FOSS reports system to beat it. On the database end, Valentina is an extremely fast and modern columnar database. It can do so many things you won’t find in FOSS products.

The response to this release has been phenomenal. As people write in Ill be posting additional posts clarifying the program.

Deprecated VPHP and VODBC client-only Archives

Historically, we have developed at first VPHP as client-only ADK of Valentina Server. Later we have add vphp_standalone version of archives, which included the whole Valentina engine, and can work without VServer. Actually we have this for all other Valentina ADKs, such as V4RB, VNET, V4REV, …  But for VPHP we have got two archives, where others ADKs did have one.

The same did happens with VODBC ADK …

For 4.9.1. release we have decide “resolve” this issue. Now on FTP present only “standalone” full archives, but they are renamed to just vphp_4 style.

[DEPRECATED] I_Field::put_ID()

We have note that put_ID() should not be in the public interfaces of Schema Objects, because developer should not be able change ID of a scheme object.

We have check our sources, and found that only I_Field interface did have such method. So we move it into internal I_FieldEx interface. In the C++ header this method marked as DEPRECATED, and do nothing now. We believe that nobody from C++ developers have used it.

We will consider future ability to do “SET PROPERTY ID of Object name” via SQL, but this will be recommended for use by our own SQL scripts only.

[NEW] VLink.Count Property

We have discover that interface of VLink miss Count property to easy ask VLink how much pairs it contains.

Now this property is implemented in the vkernel. It works for all kinds of links (Binary, ObjectPtr and ForeignKey). It is implemented in effective way — only header of index is asked actually.

Adding of this property do minor extension of VSERVER protocol also.