Paradigma Labs Benchmarking Valentina Report Server: 4-12 Million Reports a Day on a MacMini/i7

Just how many reports can you generate in a day with Valentina Server?  Paradigma Labs ran a simple benchmark test of Valentina Server working as Report Server.

Although you can utilize Valentina Server as a powerful Valentina DB based database server, you can also utilize it as a server solution for generating business reports – as html, PDF documents or images – with grids, barcodes, charts, graphs, labels and other visual elements that make up any business report. Using Valentina Server as your Report Server does not limit you to Valentina DB as a data source – you can freely use it with MySQL (including Maria DB) and PostgreSQL.

We tested generation of both big (900+ pages) and small (1-page) PDF based reports, using the current Valentina Server 5.4.2 as well as a version of Valentina Server currently in beta that maximizes multiple cores of your CPU.

The results were more than impressive.

4-12 million 1-page reports generated in a day on MacMini/i7

Read details on  Valentina WIKI.

Valentina Studio 5.4 Released; Valentina Server and ADKs Updated

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Studio 5.4, the powerful cross platform database management and enterprise reports design solution for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. This new release includes over 50 new features, fixes and improvements in both the free Valentina Studio and the not-free Valentina Studio Pro. Continue reading Valentina Studio 5.4 Released; Valentina Server and ADKs Updated

[VStudio][mySQL] Speed improved A LOT! Reading for Constraints

Speed of opening  a mySQL database that has ForeignKeys improved a lot!

Few people have report that Valentina Studio 5.3 for them is very very slow on open of a mySQL database. After some investigation we have found that problem comes from simple, legal official commands to mySQL server, which return list of constraints. We need this to build the list of FK of a Table or even of a Database. mySQL is incredibly slow on this operation.

We have take a look on other tools and with wonder we have found that they all use next trick: They ask via “SHOW CREATE TABLE T” the SQL string of “CREATE TABLE” command for a Table T, then they parse it to extract info about constraints.

We even have start implement this way also, but few days later was found that mySQL loose huge time collecting statistic. We have disable flag ‘innodb_stats_on_metadata’ and bingo! Speed becomes as fast as it should be.

So we have add into Valentina Studio ability to disable this flag. Added checkbox into “Add Bookmark” and into “Connect To” dialogs. On default it is ON.

Do not worry, this flag and this statistic have no many sense. We do not understand, why it is enabled on default in mySQL.

You can right now download and test beta build with this improvement: or newer.

New Index Optimization Makes v5.4 up to x3 times faster of v5.3

Description of Bench

Prepare Steps:

  • We have table T1 and field f1 of ULONG type: CREATE TABLE T1(f1 ULONG).
  • We insert N records with values [1 .. N].


  • FORWARD – do N searches of values 1, 2, 3, … N
  • REVERSE – do N searches of values N, N-1, … 1
  • 2 Direction – do N searches of random values 1, N, 2, N-1, 3, N-2, … N/2

Each search returns 1 found record.


Bench Hardware

MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 (Early 2011),
RAM 8GB 1333 MHz,
HDD 500GB 7200 rpm, about 45-50 Mb/sec.


Bench using v5.3

Count = 10 000 000 Opt1 = 1 Opt2 = 0

ADD inCount Records = 5 450 ms = 5.45 sec
Build Index f1 = 1 877 ms

Count searches FORWARD = 30 310 ms
Count searches REVERSE   = 28 821 ms
Count searches 2 directions = 85 018 ms


Bench using v5.4

Count = 10 000 000 Opt1 = 0 Opt2 = 0
No optimizations. We see pure speed of BinarySearch.

ADD inCount Records = 4 543 ms
Build Index f1 = 1 922 ms

Count searches FORWARD = 124220 ms
Count searches REVERSE = 128918 ms
Count searches 2 directions = 134173 ms


Count = 10000000 Opt1 = 1 Opt2 = 0

Enabled Opt1, i.e. Optimisation using the current page.
We see that forward and reverse sequental searches becomes x6 times better.
Random search also becomes better almost x2 times. NOT CLEAR WHY.
TODO: find explain why using debug/profile. Set breakpoint and see when it works.

ADD inCount Records = 4 458 ms
Build Index f1 = 1 823 ms

Count searches FORWARD = 19 849 ms
Count searches REVERSE = 20 848 ms
Count searches 2 directions = 74 005 ms


Count = 10000000 Opt1 = 0 Opt2 = 1

This combination have no many sense. Just for interest.
We see that times for all 3 benches becomes good,
but forward and reverse are not so fast as with Opt1.

ADD inCount Records = 4508 ms
Build Index f1 = 1715 ms

Count searches FORWARD = 23 951 ms
Count searches REVERSE = 24 875 ms
Count searches 2 directions = 28 200 ms


Count = 10000000 Opt1 = 1 Opt2 = 1

ALL optimizations ENABLED.
We see that again forward and reverse have the best times AND
RANDOM search becomes about x3 times better comparing to Opt1=1 only case.

ADD inCount Records = 4 373 ms
Build Index f1 = 1 729 ms

Count searches FORWARD = 20 950 ms
Count searches REVERSE = 19 002 ms
Count searches 2 directions = 24 981 ms


[VStudio] DataEditor now works much faster with huge tables of mySQL and postgreSQL

Up to now there was trouble in Valentina Studio in Data Editor with huge tables working with mySQL or PostgreSQL, because DataEditor did try load all records at once via client-side cursor. For a Valentina Server database was used server-side cursor, for a local Valentina DB or SQLite also there was no troubles.

Interesting to note, that other manager tools as Navicat, Workbench, … implement own data editors, which work with some sub-set of records (e.g. 4000 records) and user must manually click buttons “Next subset”, “PrevSubset”.

In contrast, we have implement load of records subsets in absolutely transparent for user way. So there is no additional buttons and overall it looks more natural.

Available for download starting from 4.5b5:

[FIX] Valentina for RB/Xojo: Mac + Linux updated the work with pictures

In new Xojo was changed the work with pictures for Mac/Cocoa and Linux.

We have improve plugin “Valentina for REALbasic/Xojo” to support these new formats. This fix affects both normal pictures and preview pictures in Valentina Reports.