Valentina 7.3.2 Improves MySQL support; New Methods for Valentina DB, SQLite

Valentina Release 7.3.2Paradigma Software technology release 7.3.2 provides numerous fixes, improvements to Valentina Studio, Valentina ADKs and compatibility with MySQL and SQLite. Continue reading Valentina 7.3.2 Improves MySQL support; New Methods for Valentina DB, SQLite

Videos: Installing Valentina ADK for Java

Valentina Reports for JavaNow that Java developers can embed Valentina DB and Valentina Reports into their applications as well as interface with the powerful Valentina Server. To get started with Valentina ADK for Java products, watch these instructions videos for:

These videos cover installing Valentina ADK for Java on their respective operating systems in preparation for working with Valentina Reports and Valentina database.

  • Downloading the single ADK archive for both products
  • Installing the single archive from the installer image
  • Linking to the Valentina framework with NetBeans
  • Defining the path the JNI Valentina Library
  • Setting up a basic UI to work with Valentina ADK
  • Adding code to connect to a remote Valentina Server
  • Adding some SELECT code to display some records


Valentina Reports for Java Now Available

Valentina Reports for JavaParadigma Software, the fast database and reports technology solution provider, announces the immediate availability of Valentina Reports ADK for Java 5.5.3, a platform for building business data visualization solutions.

Valentina Reports ADK for Java allows developers to generate and present visually rich reports in their applications. It also allows generation of reports from Valentina Server, the ultra-fast business intelligence server that incorporates report generation from SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and other data sources. Valentina Server also incorporates a full object-relational, columnar database engine, Valentina DB.

Valentina Reports supports a visual toolbox including barcodes, charts, graphs, quick shapes, live html, sub-reports, page breaks and other visual elements that can be assembled into complete reports. Programmatically export your reports as XML enriched PDF documents, web pages, text or graphics. Reports are built as projects from queries within Valentina Studio Pro, the visual SQL administration tool available on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. The same report project can be deployed transparently with over 30 development platforms. Continue reading Valentina Reports for Java Now Available

Valentina 5.5.2 Released: Introducing Valentina for Java

Technology release 5.5.2 is now available for all Valentina products, including Valentina Server, Valentina Studio and all Valentina DB and Valentina Report ADKs. Even though this is a  X.X.X release, Paradigma Software announces the availability of Valentina ADK for Java! Now you can build Java applications that can utilize the ultra fast Valentina database with Valentina DB ADK, and build rich, visual reports with Valentina Reports ADK for Java. Find Valentina 5.5.2 Release notes on the Paradigma Software wiki.