V4RB/V4MD Carbon deprecated in v4.5

We have decide to deprecated these two Carbon products in v4.5, which we have developed yet with help of CodeWarrior.

I think for REALbasic developers, this will not a problem, because few years REALbasic is a cocoa application itself, and works with xcode-made plugins.

For Director users, this means that v4.5 of V4MD mac, will not work with Director10, only with D11 and D11.5. If you still use D10, you can use v4.3 of V4MD that can be found here: http://valentina-db.com/download/prev_releases/

A Valuable Adobe Director Resource DirectorForums.com to Close

Long time community supporter Martin Schaefer announced in a public letter that he was going to shut down or transform directorforums.com. Directorforums.com and Directorforums.de provides a valuable news and community source for developers that use Adobe Director to produce standalone and web / shockwave based applications. He goes into some greater detail about his background in Director development. Continue reading A Valuable Adobe Director Resource DirectorForums.com to Close