[VStudio][New] Ability to add on diagram all linked tables around some table T by a single command

Let you want todo reverse engineering, i.e. visualize some existed tables and links on a new diagram. Let you want to expose on a diagram some family of linked tables. You add the first table and meet problem. You usually don’t know/remember which other tables are linked.

Now you have great help on this step. In the contextual  menu of Table, in the model find command “Add Linked Tables …”.









It will show you dialog where you can select all or some linked tables, click OK and see linked tables.


[VStudio][Imp] SQLEditor now have not-modal panel to do Find/Replace

We have replaced modal dialog to not modal panel, which appears at the top by CMD+F.  You can find all related commands and shortcuts in the menu Edit.








Also Find-panel added into the result of SQL query. In the search menu for result you can select which columns should be searched.