Valentina 14 Released with Unified Python Support

Forms, Reports & Stored Procedures on Server gain unified Python and JS support

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Now we have v4 and v5 WIKIs

Now we have two separate wikis to keep docs of v4 and v5:

Valentina Studio v5 will to v5 section, vstudio v6 will point to v5 section, and so on.
Old url  will point to the docs of the current official release.

[NEW] Youtube channel for Valentina (DB + REPORTS)

We have setup channel on Youtube for Valentina related movies

First of all here was moved existed video-tutorials about Valentina reports, and was added some new about Valentina Studio. We going now extend this channel a lots in the nearest time.

Into Valentina WIKI for v5 we have installed also plugin to show movies from youtube. So we will integrate movies into docs about Valentina products.