Valentina Studio on Mac App Store

Valentina Studio 5.1 is now available for free through Mac App Store. Valentina Studio 5.1 was recently released with support for SSH, making it your best choice for working with virtual hosting services and the databases you may have stored there.

Valentina Studio on the Mac App Store also has in-app upgrading to Valentina Studio Pro for your convenience.

[ANN] Valentina 5.1 Released

Have gone month after 5.0 release, and we ship one more release – 5.1.

New Features

This release adds three major features:

  • [VKernel][New] SQL command ‘MAIL’ on Valentina kernel level
  • [VStudio][New] SSH connections in Valentina Studio, works from reports also.
  • [VStudio][New] Data Transfer Wizard.

New FREE Feature in VStudio

We make one more feature to be FREE in Valentina Studio!

You can now create and SAVE diagrams  in Valentina Studio (free) 5.1.  Up to now you could only create them but not save, because this was PRO feature.

Besides, you can do reverse engineering – i.e. add existed database objects to diagram. Note, that Navicat Modeler from the Mac App Store, asks 70$ only for this feature.

Forward-engineering remains as feature of Valentina Studio Pro.


Some fixes in ODBC code, to resolve issues in work with ODBC driver of Pervasive database.

Details you can read in Release Notes 5.1


[VStudio][NEW] Support of SSH connects to remote servers

Usually mySQL servers are closed to access from external IPs. Instead mySQL users are used to connect to remote host using SSH tunnel and then connect to mySQL server like from localhost.

We have add into Valentina Studio support of SSH connects to remote hosts. It is clear that it can be used for any remote DB server:  Valentina Server, mySQL or PostgreSQL.

Also we have to push SSH parameters into the connection string of Valentina Reports, so now reports can connect to e.g. remote mySQL server by SSH tunnel also. Read in WIKI.



[VStudio] MAS Submission steps


After 5.0 release we have made the first attempt to submit Valentina Studio into Apple’s Mac App Store. As expected, it was reject with a couple of fair issues and one advice to hide all PRO features in the free edition of VStudio.

Step by step we have come to a new design. On the picture you can see how start page will looks for 5.1 version of Valentina Studio (MAS).

Since we was need to remove “Projects” section anyway, we have decide to put “in-app store” of Valentina Studio on the start page instead of section “Projects”.

If a user will do in-app purchase then PRO features will be enabled and become visible.  The section “Projects” will be visible again on the start page.

[VStudio][Change] Free VStudio 5.1 will be able to save diagrams and do reverse engineering.

In 5.0 Diagrams was a PRO feature, so was available in free version only in the demo mode: you could create and edit diagram, but you was not able save it for future use.

Working on submitting of Valentina Studio into Apple’s App Store, we was asked to remove from free version any such demo-features. We have decide instead remove it completely, open half of its functionality to free edition of VStudio. In 5.1 build of Valentina Studio you will be able

  • create diagrams and save them into your db.
  • add new schema objects (tables, fields, views, links)
  • add existed schema objects of your database (reverse-engineering).

Disabled will be just forward-engineering, i.e. generation of SQL scripts to produce new schema objects and change existed.

Interesting to note, that a competing product in AppStore, asks in-app purchase 70$ for reverse-engineering. Valentina Studio 5.1 will give this for free. Enjoy 🙂

[NEW][VSQL] MAIL Command

We have add a new command for Valentina SQL.

The main goal is to be able use Valentina Server as generator of PDF and/or HTML reports and sending them by email directly from VSERVER’s stored procedure. Besides, this command can be called by Event Scheduler of VSERVER or by a database or table trigger.

 : __MAIL
   __FROM character_string_literal_or_var 
   __TO character_string_literal_or_var 
   __SUBJECT character_string_literal_or_var
   __BODY character_string_literal_or_var
  [__ATTACH vext_attach_list]
      __SMTP character_string_literal_or_var
      __PORT character_string_literal_or_var
     [__USER character_string_literal_or_var,
      __PASSWORD character_string_literal_or_var]
     [__SSL truth_value_or_var]

 : character_string_literal_or_var AS character_string_literal_or_var , ...

 : character_string_literal
 | variable_name

 | variable_name

 : truth_value
 | variable_name


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