Improved work with TIFF format for VPicture field.

On request of Marc Schmitt, Kirill have improve work with TIFF format.

1) V4MD 4.0 was the single ADK, which did not allow specify format of picture in the VPicture.WriteAs() method. This problem fixed and now its is possible specify format as #kJPG, #kTIFF

2) But Marc did want more: he want to have SEVERAL compression methods for TIFF. We have look around and have found that TIFF compression do not use CompressionRate (1..100) as do JPG, instead it can specify kind of compression.

To not change existed API, we have decide to use parameter “INT inCompressionRate” to send compression kind also for TIFF.

3) One more fix was made — in the KERNEL itself — to pass compression kind into PAINTLIB.

4) For all other ADKs e.g. V4RB now also possible to use TIFF with compression, it needs just specify kind of compression in the 3d parameter. See WIKI docs for numeric constants. We are lazy so far to provide these constants into each Valentina ADK. So it will be good idea if you in your code will make self symbolic constant around number. Future we will provide such constants also self.

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Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc