Keeping Up to Date on Valentina

Customers who have worked with Valentina know that it pays to keep up to date on releases. The development team is hard at work on Valentina release 4.2.  There are few ways to keep up on new releases.The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the Valentina Community Mailing list. We’ve had the list going for almost 10 years and its the best place to raise a question on and about any Valentina platform.

The Valentina Dev Blog is still new, and its still got that too fresh wordpress look about it. On the other hand, its a one stop shop for information that the development team thinks is particularly important – plus you’ll also get multi-lingual information in Russian and German, too. Posts get linked back via Twitter, so if want to track what’s new – watch for our tweets @valentinadb.

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