Valentina Reports Free in December 2009

Paradigma Software Inc announces a special holiday offer for professional database application developers. All sales of new or upgrades through Paradigma Software of ValentinaADK or Valentina Developer Network includes the associated Valentina Reports module free – up to a $1500 savings on Valentina Developer Network!

ValentinaReports adds rich and powerful business reporting features to applications built on Valentina DB. The Valentina Reports component drops right into your Valentina DB directory, and allows you to transform your data into true business reports with multi-column charts, graphs, barcodes and more – for display within your application or export to multiple formats, including XML enabled PDF. Build your reports visually in Valentina Studio Pro, then load them up with your local applications or on a Valentina Server solution, such as the business ready Valentina Office Server or with Valentina Embedded Server – a developer database server that is a part of Valentina Developer Network.

Valentina Reports inherits all of the advantages of the Valentina developer platform:

    Cross Platform. Valentina Reports is available as an option on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
    Cross-Development. Valentina Reports is available for every major development system on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux suppported by Valentina: Microsoft C++, Apple Objective-C / C++, COM, .net, Adobe Director, Runtime Revolution, REALbasic, PHP, Ruby on Rails and many, many more. With common, ultra-fast APIs, its possible to build solutions for one platform and easily port it over to another platform. Don’t be locked in to any one development environment
    Visual Development. Use Valentina Studio Pro to build Valentina Projects containing your reports layouts, then use them locally or with reports enabled Valentina Server products like Valentina Office Server – or run your projects right within Valentina Studio Pro.

Valentina Platform
Valentina DB is the ultra fast, most flexible royalty free database solution for developers; but Valentina technology isn’t limited only to its own database technology. Watch for new products based on Valentina technology in 2010 that allows you to build, interact with and display your business and technical data.

Valentina Reports for Free in December 2009
Beginning December 12, 2009 through the end of December 2009, any purchase of a new or upgrade license of Valentina ADK or Valentina Developer Network will also include the equivalent Valentina Reports component. No special interaction with our online store is necessary – it will be automatically added to your order.

What if I Already Have an ADK or VDN?
During the same period above, add Valentina Reports to your current subscription and your ADK or VDN subscription will be extended for the year of subscription for Valentina Reports. For example, if you have two months left on your ADK and you order Valentina Reports, your ADK will be extended for 12 months from the purchase date.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc