NEW Tab-Panels in SQL Editor to Display Logs/Output/Warnings/Tune

We have added to SQL Editor of Valentina Studio great new feature: now you can get much more rich output from an SQL command. And this output is separated into 4 tab panels at bottom of Editor.

* Logs – displays log of usage of SQL Editor like it was also in the old Console panel. You can see here log of your activity. Time when commands was executed, description of commands, if commands was successful or not, and so on.

* Output – displays output from PRINT command(s). Usually you may want to use that commands in Stored Procedures for debugging purpose.

* Tune – displays Tune/Profiling information from Valentina Engine for executed SQL command(s). You could see this info in the Tune_Log_ddddddd files.

Currently only SELECT command display info here. Future we will keep improvement Valentina engine to produce here info from all commands. Also we will work to provide more detailed info where it is possible.

* Warnings – displays warnings produced by Valentina Engine during execution of SQL command(s). You could see this info in the Tune_Log_ddddddd files.

Enabling Outputs

In the menu of SQL Editor you can set ON/OFF request to collect Warnings/Tune information by Valentina Engine for SQL commands. On default Valentina Studio will tend to collect all possible information.

IMPORTANT: if you work with a Valentina Server, and VServer itself have disabled Warnings and Tune mode (i.e. not produces on disk Warnings and Tune logs), but your VStudio asks to collect that info, then VServer will produce it for you.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc