Changes in Valentina for Cocoa API.

Erne have report bug in Valentina for Cocoa (V4CC).

Problem was that VField.value in ObjC implemented as pair of methods (in other Valentina ADKs, e.g. Valentina for REALbasic it is a true property of class). So if to override this pair in the sub-classes then always will be called overridden methods.

To resolve issue, we have decide to rename these methods in all VField sub-classes. Rules now are simple:

a) for VField we have methods, which return and accept value is (id) object. If you have come to ObjC from other languages, you can think about (id) object as kind of VARIANT.

– (id) value;
– setValue: (id) inValue;

b) for all sub-classes of VField we name these pair of methods according to sub-class name. For example:

– (long) longValue;
– setLongValue: (long) inValue;

    - (float) floatValue;
    - setFloatValue: (float) inValue;

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc