VServer now uses the name of executable as primary instead of ini file


Up to now (v4.7), a VServer on start searches for INI file in the own directory. Algorithm expects that only one INI file exists in the folder. And if few INI files present, then the first by alphabet is used.


That VServer uses the NAME of INI file as primary name,  which later is used for log-file names and other things.

NOT COMFORTABLE NOW is that if a user wants specify own name for VServer deployment, he must change both the name of executable and the name of INI file.


If there is no any INI file in the folder, and the name of VServer was changed to e.g. MyBoomerServer then a new INI file will be created with the name “VServer.ini” and this is another bug, which kills the idea to provide own brand name for VServer.


We must use the name of executable as primary source.  This step resolves all above issues, and additionally allow us exclude INI file from installers at all! This will simplify installers, because new installations of VServer will auto-generate INI file with all new ini – properties, upgrade – installations will re-use existed INI file with settings of this VServer (but new properties must be added manually, if needed).

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc