Stan Busk says …

Today on RB NUG list was this letter from Stan Busk. Thank you, Stan for nice words.

Hi all,

I don’t want to do advertising but after reading the REAL Server Thread some (but few) have talked about Valentina. I have been using Valentina for almost 10 years and I have never seen a product evolving so well and a company/developers so involved in a product. I have been developing software for more of 20 years and the people at Paradigma are by far the most serious, capable, friendly and professional people I have ever deal with. Each time I have reported a bug, the bug has been fixed! Each time!!!! with no exception.

When I choose Valentina as my DB engine of choice 10 years ago I was not aware I made the best choice ever.

That looks like an ad but nobody told me to write this, it is just the true and people has to know the true.


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Ruslan Zasukhin

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