XCODE Breakpoints Not Working

Yesterday I have decide to resolve problem with absolutely not working breakpoints in the XCODE 3.2.3 on OS X 10.6 (may be others also) working with our Valentina Studio project.

In the past we also did have such problems, but not so bad. Breakpoints did work sometimes, in worse case we was able to insert DebugStr(“\p”) into code, and that 100% did stop in the debugger as for app, so fot its plugins and for database engine DYLIBs.

And yesterday I have to see the first time that even DebugStr() do not stops. Wow.

I have spent many hours googling about this problem. And have found few key places.

There was claim here from Apple developer, that this bug fixed, and should be in 3.2.3, but it not works for us. And yes, VStudio project build plugins, then Run Scripts embed them into App package, even for Debug target.

Just in case I have downloaded XCODE 3.2.4, installed … the same effect.

Also my eye have catch post from Nivek Research about his experience with separate folders for built products. This idea have help me for another issue with our LT.DYLIB, which I will describe in the next post.

  • Another post interesting for hackintosh users.
  • Finally, I have meet post where developer mentions  the XCODE preferences “Load code lazily”.

I have disable it for my XCODE. Start debugging and … wow !!! Breakpoints are live. And I am happy  🙂

To confirm success I have asked Igor to do the same on his MAC and again success!  🙂

Igor is very happy, because last weeks he was need to run to Linux + Netbeans for debugging.

Next level of happiness will be if Apple will fix this bug in the XCODE . Also for us it is not clear why this option is ON by default, and exists at all. Even for our huge project, time of the debugger start is absolutely the same for both cases .

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