Earn Referral Commissions through Valentina Affiliate Program

The Valentina Affiliate Program is now available through valentina-db.com. This is a great way to make money off of promoting Valentina technologies on your blog, website or company site. Earn 10% off of your referrals.Paradigma Software is now offering an affiliate program. Yes, that may not sound like big or exciting news. After all, a lot of companies have affiliate programs, right?

There are a few great reasons to sign on to the Valentina Affiliate Program. First, you make 10% off of sales that come through your affiliate links. On best selling products like Valentina Developer Network (which starts at $599), this isn’t nickles and dimes. What makes an affiliate program with such fantastic toolsets as Valentina ADK, VDN, Valentina Reports and Valentina Office Server so good is that the audience for such products are very easy to target. For example, consider the following types of customers:

  • Users of a development environment supported by Valentina, such as xCode, VB.net, Runtime Revolution’s LiveCode, Adobe Director, Flash or even Ruby on Rails.
  • Data associated trades, such as business intelligence – either for the services themselves or for tools associated with them.
  • Database technology associated websites such as tech blogs, tech news or how-to informational websites.

If you are in data management or a developer, participation in the  Valentina Affiliate Program brings rich rewards. Your reader is likely to be exactly the sort who can benefit from using Valentina.

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Lynn Fredricks is president of Paradigma Software, Incorporated.