[NEW] SQLite plugin for Valentina Studio Pro (!!!)

In v4.8 we introduce PREVIEW of a new Valentina Studio Pro plugin – SQLite. We do this on few reasons:

1) Around Valentina DB exists many IDEs where SQLite is integrated on default. So we have quite often case when Lite developer want switch to Valentina DB.

2) We going to open Valentina Reports to users of other databases also. First of them with be users of SQLite. So it will be comfortable for them to be able use Valentina Studio to design REPORTS, and in the same time manage their SQLite dbs. The second our step will be – to add other dbs (Postgre, MS SQL, ODBC, …) and also integrate them into Valentina Studio, at least via our ODBC plugin.

Below you can see list of already working features for SQLite plugin. It is not worse of most existed SQLite managers. And we want yet implement in the nearest days our Links concept for Foreign Key and some other improvements.

Schema Editor

* Convert SQLite database to Valentina database by single mouse click.

* review Tables, Fields, Views, Triggers, Indexes, …
* add new table(s), field(s), view(s), trigger(s), index(es), …
* delete tables(s), field(s), view(s), trigger(s), index(es), …
* rename a Table, Field, View, Trigger, View
* change type of a field
* modify text of view, trigger
* modify Primary Key of a table.
* create/delete indexes of a field
* powerful inspector to see properties of each schema object.
* comments on all schema objects
* diagrams
* support of virtual tables.

* Import CSV files
* SQL dump and load of database
* SQL dump of a Table
* Reindex database/table/field
* Vacuum

SQL Editor

* auto-completion
* console log with execution, tune, warning info
* export to Excel, CSV …
* explain of queries
* favorite queries
* function browser

SQL Builder

* a powerful visual way to build SQL queries by few mouse clicks only.

Table Editor

* provides ability to view records of a Table without SQL
* add new records
* delete record(s)
* modify field values
* mark records by mouse click for massive operations.

SQLite extensions:

* CSV – import of text files.
* Mikey C: Math/String/Aggregative functions.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc