Free DB Oriented Icons for Omegabundle 2011 Customers

The OmegaBundle 2011 has been an overwhelming success. It’s still time for you until 14th February 2011 to order your copy. And as a bonus to new and existing bundle customers, we have an extra Icon set and three articles to read. We’d also like your feedback on the products. There is a very, very short survey we would like you to complete. We estimate it will take less than 5 minutes to complete. This survey is only by invitation and only open to purchasers of this bundle.
Oh yes – we aren’t holding a raffle or drawing on this one – EVERYONE who participates will get a special Aspen DB Icon Set bundle of icons, currently in production and slated to ship February 14, 2011. This extends the Aspen Icon Set you received as a part of the bundle with 47 additional icons specifically for working with data – perfect for use with Valentina or any other database! This Icon Set has a USSRP price of $99 – yours for free.

Also, don’t forget to read new, informative articles on your purchase:

10 Things you Can Do with MBS Complete <<- just added!

10 Hottest Features of Valentina Office Server

iValentina for iPhone, iPad for FREE (use with Valentina Office Server)

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