[NEW][C++] set of MACROS as GET_STRING( cursor, field_name)

Problem is that if you are a C++ developer and use VSDK for development,
then work with Values of Fields of cursor looks as:

I_Cursor_Ptr pCursor = db->SqlSelect( ... );
 String s = pCursor->get_Field("Name"  )->get_Value()->get_String();
 double d = pCursor->get_Field("Weight")->get_Value()->get_Double();

In contrast, for such languages as REALbasic or VB syntax is more short:

  String str = pCursor.StringField( "fldName" ).value

We have decide that for C++ developer we can have set of simple macros that will allow C++ developer syntax as:

  String str = GET_STRING( pCursor, "fldName" );

These macros are located in the:  sources/FBL/VShared/VSQL/publ/Interfaces/VSQL_I_Cursor.h

Note, that more complex values as DateTime, Binary, still should be used in old way, because VSDK do not know format you goingto use. May be you can add own macroses in your project that looks similar and do job you need.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc