VStudio Pro 3 in 1 (ValentinaDB + PostgreSQL + SQLite) Data Editor

The following picture shows how you can use power of Valentina Studio Data Editor, to manage records of a Table without SQL.

You can add/delete/update records and values of fields. You can filter records applying filter.

You can even use Related Table Editor (bottom side) that displays records of related table (linked by Foreign Key). It is enough click record of the top table, and bottom table shows you related records.

Even more. You can just by mouse click link/unlink records. In background FK gets value of PK of parent record. But for you this looks as easy as mouse click.

Even more. You can apply set commands to find union/intersection or difference of sets of related records for few parent records. Couple of mouse clicks and you see result of quite complex SQL operation, which even SQL expert will write in few minutes only …


Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc