VStudio 5.0 Shows Own Collator Properties in Bold

Valentina DB maybe the only database engine which gives you ability to specify collator properties of the  Database->Table->Field chain using inheritance.

For example, you can specify Collator.strength = kPrimary for Database object, and all its tables and their fields also will get the same value.

Even better. You can specify another value for some table or field, e.g. tblPersonFrench.Collator.strength = kSecondary, which overrides settings of parent object. If later you decide to change Database.Collator.strength to e.g. kTertiary, then all tables except tblPersonFrench inherit this new value. But tblPersonFrench will preserve  its own value kSecondary. And finally, you may want drop this own value of object to force it to use parent’s value.

From now (v5.0) Valentina Studio is able:

  • to display the fact that some property of collator of an object (database/table/field) has own value, in BOLD STYLE
  • to force an object to use parent settings using a contextual menu command
Below you can see some pictures that demonstrate this feature.
You can see the Strength value ‘kSecondary’ is bold. This means that field fldFirstName have own value for property Strength. All other collator values are not bold, so they are inherited from parent object -> Table Person.
Here you can see contextual menu on value kSecondary to force object use parent value
And here field fldFirstName uses the parent value for kStrength, because it is not in bold:

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Ruslan Zasukhin

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