[SQL][REPORTS] Improved work with FORMAT()

Work on Valentina Reports have push us to look more deeply on our FORMAT() function of Valentina SQL.

Keep in mind, that Valentina Reports DLL is tightly integrated with Valentina Kernel DLL and use its power. In particular, formatting in Valentina Reports is based on this FORMAT() function, which, in its turn, is based on IMB ICU library features.

Keep in mind, that even if Valentina Reports use as datasource e.g. mySQL or PostgreSQL server, then it still use Valentina Kernel to do many job, including this formatting.

Problem was found that if function FORMAT() is used over DATE or TIME columns then in result ICU produce “garbage” time and date values correspondently. After some research we have found way how to cut off this garbage. So now reports and SQL function itself produce expected results.

Will be available for after 5.0b41 build and newer.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc