[NEW][MAC] VStudio.app and installer of VServer_x64 now are signed

OS X 10.8 has option “System Settings -> Security -> General -> Allow: MAS App Store and identified developers”  on default to be ON, so you cannot installed easy not signed applications and run installers. Note that 10.7 also can have this option enabled on some computers.

To resolve this issue, we have sign vstudio.app and vserver_x64.pkg installer.

Unfortunately we cannot easy sign other our installers (V4RB, V4REV, V4CC, … ) because we using third party installer.  So for now, for 5.0, we going to ship these installers not signed. To run them, OS X developer should in the Finder do CTRL + click on icon of installer and choose OPEN command in the contextual menu. In this case you will see the button ALLOW in the OS X security dialog. Click it, and continue as usual.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc