[ANN] Valentina 5.1 Released

Have gone month after 5.0 release, and we ship one more release – 5.1.

New Features

This release adds three major features:

  • [VKernel][New] SQL command ‘MAIL’ on Valentina kernel level
  • [VStudio][New] SSH connections in Valentina Studio, works from reports also.
  • [VStudio][New] Data Transfer Wizard.

New FREE Feature in VStudio

We make one more feature to be FREE in Valentina Studio!

You can now create and SAVE diagrams  in Valentina Studio (free) 5.1.  Up to now you could only create them but not save, because this was PRO feature.

Besides, you can do reverse engineering – i.e. add existed database objects to diagram. Note, that Navicat Modeler from the Mac App Store, asks 70$ only for this feature.

Forward-engineering remains as feature of Valentina Studio Pro.


Some fixes in ODBC code, to resolve issues in work with ODBC driver of Pervasive database.

Details you can read in Release Notes 5.1


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Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc

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