[NEW][VStudio] QueryBuilder and Diagrams now do Smart Prompting of related Tables/Links

One more absolutely innovative feature! You will not find such in any other GUI DB Manager! 🙂

When you adding existing tables to:

  • a diagram  (i.e. you doing reverse engineering), or
  • a diagram of Query Builder

usually it is hard remember, which Tables are related to just added table. Especially this is hard if you try understand not your own database schema.

Now Valentina Studio is able to help you with this problem. When you select one or even more tables on diagram, the list of tables shows immediately on the top tables related to selected.

Look on the following example. We have drag the first table ‘film’, and now on the left side you can see tables Related to: film.



Let’s drag the second table ‘film_actor’ and you see list of tables Related to: film_actor. Only one table in this list.

Very easy, yes?  🙂



Finally, lets drag third table ‘actor’ to diagram.



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