[NEW] Valentina Reports adds MS SQL as Datasource

Valentina Studio Adds MS SQL Server SupportIt isn’t often we add a new database type, but this is one we’ve had a lot of requests for – MS SQL Server.

Today this happens! Valentina Reports starting from 5.5b15 can use MS SQL server as native datasource. Notice, that this works on all 3 OS:  Windows + Mac OS X + Linux.



If you use MS SQL and you want to test it, you can download it here for all OS:

Right now you can…

  • Download Valentina Studio to do the following steps…
  • Make a new Valentina Project (from File Menu) on your desktop
  • Make a new datasource — define to your MS SQL server
  • Make a new Report – can be with simple query as SELECT * FROM T, do click, click, click in the wizard to get default layout of fields.
  • Click PREVIEW button on the left to see report with data from your MS SQL Server.

To start use this new datasource in your application you need just to specify a corresponded string that describes datasource connection string. See details.

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