Tip: The Secret Connection on Valentina Server

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You are a database administrator and you need to log in to a live Valentina Server. It is jammed packed with users, and there are no free connections. What do you do?

That’s a question that came into Paradigma Software support towards the end of 2014. Unless you have the Unlimited Connections version of Valentina Server, there is a finite number of connections available. Sure, you can regulate their use, and write applications that disconnect (and reconnect) users as needed. A simple, 5 connection version of Valentina Server is going to work just fine for most small and medium sized businesses, with just a little bit of smarts behind your code. * This can be a connection from Valentina Studio or any application with the Valentina ADK libraries (.net, Java, C++, Xojo, LiveCode, and many, many others).

Back to the question. This can be a real problem, and disrupting customer use of the server for an administrator to log in just isn’t an acceptable solution.

When we introduced Valentina technology release  5.7, we slipped in an unpublicized new feature Рthe secret admin connection. If the admin tries to log in, and all connections are in use Рthe secret admin connection will be available.  If you got your new or renewed your Valentina Server (or Valentina Developer Network) license after January 10, 2014, then the 5.7 is free as a part of your 12 months of updates.

*With Valentina Developer Network, you can deploy unlimited units of Valentina Server (5 Connections) royalty free on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to YOUR customers. Valentina Server incorporates both the Valentina Database Server as well as Reports Server. Reports Server works with most popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and of course, Valentina Database Server.

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