Valentina Server Incorporating SQLite Engine

SQLite + Valentina Server
SQLite with your application AND SQLite on your Server! Valentina Server is a Business Reports Server as well as an ultra fast Database Server. Soon with SQLite support for building client-server solutions and more.

A new option is coming to Valentina Server – both for the standalone version AND for the OEM royalty free deployable version in Valentina Developer Network. You will be able to easily turn any single user database application into a multi-user application in less than an hour.

What is Valentina Server?

Reports Server.  It includes a Reports Server that works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and Valentina DB; Support for Oracle is coming too. With this forthcoming version of Valentina Server, also with our incorporated SQLite implementation that isn’t limited to exclusive mode access!

Database Server. Valentina Server already incorporates the ultra fast, object-relational Valentina DB engine (a columnar database that can achieve query results incredibly fast).  It is a powerful, multi-user database environment with encryption,  hot back up and more – exactly what you expect from a business class database server.

SQLite gets an upgrade as a new multi-access engine in Valentina Server!

How Easy to Use with Your Existing SQLite Databases?

  1. Install Valentina Server on your computer (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
  2. Drop your existing SQLite database into the directory VServer/databases_sqlite/
  3. Start making calls from any supported API

YES, porting your SQLite application to a multi-user, client-server solution is extremely easy and gains all the advancements of our server infrastructure, such as SSL, multi-threading, user management and more.

What APIs are coming?

Since the first release of the new SQLite engine overlaps with Omegabundle, and SQLite is an extremely popular database used by Xojo users, our first implementation is for use with Xojo Inc’s Xojo development environment.  This will be followed by support of our other Valentina ADK APIs: C, C++, ObjC, C#, PHP,  Xojo,  LiveCode, .NET, VB6, Director, Java.

How can I get it?

It will be included in our free evaluation version of Valentina Server, the standalone version of Valentina Server, and also Valentina Developer Network’s OEM’d server than developers can deploy to their customers, royalty free.

Where can I get more information?

The team will be posting more information about this in the next few days. But feel free to post your questions to the Paradigma Software forums, too. You can also find out more information about Valentina Developer Network on the the main Paradigma Software website.


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