Valentina Server 6 is the Best SQLite-on-Server Solution

Valentina SQLite Server 6If you develop apps with an embedded version of SQLite, read on about scaling up to a complete multi-user solution in Valentina 6.
If you keep up with Paradigma Software releases, you know that nightly builds are readily available, including those of Valentina Server 6. You can download and give Valentina Server 6 a try, including our best and most powerful SQLite-on-a-Server solution available.

The dev team has updated the Valentina 6 Wiki with information on what and how Valentina Server 6 delivers a great server implementation of SQLite. It is available as a personal use free version, a standalone server and also as an embedded server – pricing covered too!

Read more about Valentina SQLite Server 6…

In anticipation of Valentina 6, the team is also going to spotlight customers who use Paradigma Software products.

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