What Developers Like: Valentina Reports Server & Reports Designer

What Devs Like About ValentinaTwo professional developers tell us what they like about Valentina Reports Server, Valentina Database Server and Valentina Reports Design (a component of Valentina Studio PRO).What company doesn’t love to get this kind of feedback from its customers? Two of our customers told us what they thought about our products.

Valentina Server is BOTH a powerful Reports Server that works with all major databases, AND also has a built in database server based on the ultra fast Valentina Database technology, an advanced, columnar database. It also incorporates a full SQLite Database Server as well.

You can get started working with Valentina Server for free.

Valentina Studio Pro is a database administration product with a visual reports designer, forward engineering diagramming and more.

The past couple of days I’ve had to create reports for a new Xojo Web Edition app I’ve been working on and thought I would give Valentina Studio a good try. Some of the reports are nothing more than a simple list, but the rest are financial reports with lots of calculations. I’ve got to say I was really impressed with the quality of the reports and how easy they were to create with the Valentina Studio Report Designer.

Along with this testimonial  from developer Johnny Harris, also comes along this one from Scott Keith, which covers Valentina Reports Server and also Valentina Database Server:

The Reports Server (via VServer and VStudio) was why I bought Valentina DB. I was using Reports to generate very complicated manpower/budget/payroll reports usually 85 to 100 pages in length from MySQL. Awesome.
Our client accused us of buying Oracle and Crystal Reports behind their back because our product was so professional and detailed.

Scott goes on to discuss Valentina Database Server as a replacement for MySQL.

Then one day I decided to give Valentina’s DB (on VServer) a run for it’s money to see how it stacked up against MySQL (and a few Postgres DBs).

Absolutely no comparison. VDB smoked MySQL and Postgres in queries and reports generation in every one of the 40ish reports we produce.

In the field, developer Scott Keith discovered just how blisteringly fast Valentina DB is over MySQL and PostgreSQL.


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