Paradigma Software Releases Valentina Server 6

Valentina Server 6Paradigma Software releases Valentina Server 6,  the multi-platform business reports server and SQL database server.

Valentina Server 6 generates richly formatted reports from all major data sources and also integrates both the advanced, columnar database server Valentina Database Server. Valentina Server 6 includes a long list of improvements and new features:

  • SQLite Server. In addition to Valentina Database Server, Valentina Server 6 now incorporates its own SQLite based Database Server, allowing easy transitioning from local SQLite databases to a true client-server or server-only solution.
  • Valentina Reports Server for SQLite. The Reports Server can utilize the Valentina SQLite Database Server as a data source, with performance optimized through integration.
  • REST API. Allows direct access to Valentina Database Server and integrated SQLite Server via a REST, opening up access to both database servers from more programming languages and web applications.
  • Notification Channels. Allows pushing and receiving a notification through the notification channel and then it is spread among subscribers asynchronously.
  • Access Control List (ACL). Specifies the level of access that users and servers have to databases stored on Valentina Server.

Valentina Server 6 can also require specific registered databases to launch on restart.

The Valentina Reports Server use MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite, and Valentina Database Server as data sources, and runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Valentina Server 6 can also be accessed from desktop applications that incorporate the free portion of Valentina Application Developer Kits. These are available for every major development environment on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as well as iOS development. Non free versions of Valentina Application Developer Kits allow developers to embed local database and reports generation components into their applications for as little as $199 with unlimited deployment.

A version of Valentina Server 6 is available for free for non-profits, academic use and personal evaluation, and includes community based support.

Commercial deployments of Valentina Server start at $299. Valentina Developer Network, which allows software developers and solution providers to deploy unlimited copies of Valentina Server 6 to their customers starts at $599.99 and includes 12 months of free updates.

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