Valentina 7: Valentina Studio SQLite to Valentina DB Converter

Valentina 7: Valentina Studio SQLite to Valentina DB ConverterNow for a new feature coming in Valentina Studio 7 which will make it easier to port your existing database applications to Valentina DB.SQLite is an extremely popular free and open source database engine in the public domain. A great number of large companies used it in their simple database applications, not because it is an extremely fast or sophisticated database system, but because it works well and is free from potential legal issues normally associated with GPL or even LGPL licensed software.  Valentina Studio is already a fantastic tool for working with SQLite databases.

But there may come a time where you want to scale up your SQLite applications to client-server or server-only solutions, or gain access to many high performance solutions found in Valentina DB.

The SQLite to Valentina DB Converter is included with the free version of Valentina Studio. This is more than a simple database dump and import. Instead, you can open your SQLite database and step by step, convert it to Valentina DB paradigms.

Do you have questions about this feature? Reply to the thread on the official Paradigma Software forums.