Valentina 8.3.1 adds new Records Management for Valentina Forms, SQL Editor Improvements & more

Valentina 8.3.1 ReleasedParadigma Software Valentina 8.3.1 adds new records features for forms, sub-forms and tableviews, SQL editor and schema editor improvements.

Valentina Studio Pro

  • [New][Form Editor] – add ‘records’ property for Form, Sub-form and Tableview
  • [New][Form Editor] – add ‘Reload Records’ actions
  • [New][Form Editor] – Automatically update TableView on change of the field it is linked to in the form
  • [Imp][SQL Editor] – Show the connection and database selection controls above the Schema/Queries/Snippets tabs
  • [Fix][Schema Editor] – sorting by size (e.g of Fields) in the Tree View
  • [Fix][PostgreSQL] Don’t generate RETURN NULL statement in the function body automatically

Valentina DB

  • [Fix] 8267 – compressed Blob on ALTER TABLE
  • [Fix] 8279 – EXPORT to TAB-separated text file now do not add BOM prefix to each line.

Valentina Server

[Fix] 8268 – Some 32 bit dlls included in 64 bit installer

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site.

See the original announcement on the Valentina Forum and Reddit.