Valentina Database & Data Management Tools at Better Pricing and Availability for Students, Instructors & Researchers

Valentina for Academics, Institutions, Students and TeachersRevisions to the Paradigma Software education program lower costs and improve availability for academics and institutions.Paradigma Software Valentina tools help students, instructors and researchers transform their projects into college and career possibilities. Valentina Studio Pro and Valentina Server are now available for qualified academics at new, lower flat rate pricing.

Registered educators, students and academic institutions already enjoy licensing that allows use of the evaluation version of Valentina Server at no cost. This version can easily serve offices, departments and low capacity websites. Now they can also order high capacity versions of Valentina Server at a significant savings, from $99 (regularly $299) to $499 (regularly $1,499). Pricing for Valentina Studio Pro, Paradigma Software’s powerful data management tool suite is now a flat $99 with 12 months of free updates.

Valentina Server

Valentina Server is an enterprise ready platform that runs on Linux, macOS and Windows, and includes:

  • Valentina Report Server. Serve complex, graphically rich reports that can work with data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Valentina SQLite Server and ValentinaDB Server. Reports can be served as graphics, PDF and more, and can incorporate sub-reports, grids, barcodes, charts, graphs and other visual objects expected on a mature reporting platform. Reports are stored in Valentina Projects and registered on Valentina Server
  • Valentina Form Server.Valentina Forms let users add, modify and interact with data stored in sources and add no cost to deployment to users. Forms are built visually in Valentina Studio Pro Form Designer and scripted with JavaScript, and stored in Valentina Projects. Forms are served from Valentina Server from within the free Valentina Studio.
  • ValentinaDB Server. ValentinaDB is Paradigma Software’s ultra-fast, modern, object-relational database. Valentina Server provides a complete server implementation of ValentinaDB. Taking advantage of ValentinaDB native features, including special field types and abstraction links, advanced caching and indexing and other innovations can result in incredible performance improvements, noSQL features, KeyValue format and more.
  • Valentina SQLite Server. SQLite is a very popular database system primarily used for single connection, local databases. Valentina SQLite Server enables registration of SQLite databases in a way that requires virtually no changes.

Valentina Server includes 12 months of updates under a non-subscription license. Your license continues to work without renewal.

Valentina Studio Pro

Available on Linux, Windows and MacOS, Valentina Studio is a powerful and free database management tool for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite and Valentina DB. Valentina Studio Pro adds many more features in a single package that many competing products would charge you extra for or as separate products.

  • All Major Databases Supported. Valentina Forms works PostgreSQL, MySQL, Maria DB, MS SQL Server, SQLite and ValentinaDB
  • Database Continuous Integration. Apply best practices with schema snapshot and database source control.
  • Valentina SQL Editor. Time saving tools like Parameters Editor, advanced edit tools, execute multi-statement queries, auto-completion, syntax coloring, function browser, recent and favorite queries, errors and warnings consoles
    performance and cursor consoles, SQL templates, search and export results and more
  • Valentina Query Builder. Rapidly create SQL with visual tools and grids as easily as MS Access, great for learning SQL or saving time
  • Valentina Data Editor. Work directly with your data with many time saving tools, a special Array Editor, search and replace tools, paste directly from MS Excel
  • Valentina Data Transfer. Copy data between databases with custom mappings, other tools
  • Valentina SQL DIFF. Compare schemas of two databases and produce SQL scripts that can transform the first schema into the second
  • Valentina Database Schema Editor. Reverse and forward engineering tool diagramming, script generation
  • Valentina Report Designer. Powerful, visual environment for creating reports for printing, rendering to HTML and more; viewable and interactive via parameters in free client Valentina Studio
  • Valentina Forms Editor. Drag and drop layouts, controls, database objects and widgets to construct forms visually and save into a Valentina Project File; deploy Valentina Forms in free client Valentina Studio
  • JavaScript Editor. Forms objects are fully scriptable with attachable JavaScript methods and custom methods, with built in documentation, snippets library, auto-complete and more

Valentina Studio Pro includes 12 months of updates under a non-subscription license. Your license continues to work without renewal. The standard version of Valentina Studio is free. The standard version, available on Windows, Linux and macOS can also act as a client system for Valentina Reports and Valentina Forms. This allows developers to create user friendly data systems for end users and use Valentina Studio as a royalty free deployment platform on all three major operating systems.

How to Get Academic Pricing

Students, instructors and educational institutions can register with Paradigma Software with a wide variety of proof of academic standing. Academic pricing becomes available after acceptance. After acceptance, just log into the Paradigma Software store and the new versions of Paradigma Software products are visible and available to order.