Valentina Studio Pro 9 and Free Valentina Studio 9 Now Available

Valentina Studio 9 Now AvailableUpdate to leading database management tool suite on Linux, macOS and Windows now available from Paradigma Software.

Valentina Studio Pro 9 is the advanced database management and visual development tool available on Linux, Windows and macOS. It supports all major databases including MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB and ValentinaDB. It includes features that most other vendors sell separately, such as forward engineering diagramming, SQL DIFF, Database Continuous Integration and more.

Studio Pro 9 also a powerful Report Designer for creating reports. These reports can be used within the free version of Studio, registered with Valentina Server 9’s incorporated Report Server, and also deployed to most development platforms on Windows, Linux and macOS using the Valentina Reports ADK product. Studio Pro 9 also has a visual Forms Designer for creating flexible, JavaScript scriptable forms that can be deployed royalty free to users of the free version of Valentina Studio. Valentina Forms is a cost effective and powerful way to create a forms based platform for your office or clients. Forms are stored in a Valentina Project so they can also be served from Valentina Server.

Valentina Studio Pro 9 adds several new and useful features, including:

  • SQL Editor Analysis Tools. New static analyzer flags coding errors and tracks them in a new console panel
  • SQL Editor Default Schema Options. A special menu for working with default schemas now supports MySQL and MS SQL Server
  • Schema Editor Event Tool. Create events that support Valentina Projects usable on Valentina Server
  • Preview Reports from Project Window. You can immediately preview Valentina Reports right within the Project Window

Valentina Studio 9 also includes other minor feature improvements, improved speed in working with BLOB values, updated SQLite support and more. Studio 9 also supports both the old protocol of Valentina Server 8 as well as the new protocols introduced in Valentina Server 9. Valentina Studio 9 for Windows, macOS and Linux is licensed but free. Valentina Studio Pro 9 is $199 per OS license and includes 12 months of free updates. Valentina Studio UNIVERSAL 9 is a single license that works on all three operating systems and licensed on a user basis.

Download Valentina Studio 9 for free or order Valentina Studio Pro 9 now.