Valentina Release 9.1.1 Now Available; Adds 64 bit ODBC, Valentina Forms New Features

Valentina Release 9.1.1 with Valentina Forms and 64 Bit ODBCValentina Release 9.1.1 is a large update that also improves features included in Valentina 9.1. For this reason, the release notes here include information both for Valentina 9.1 and Valentina 9.1.1.

Valentina Studio / Studio Pro

Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration.

  • [New][Forms] Added code templates for import of the forms and scripts.
  • [New][Forms] Implement autocompletion for imported forms and scripts (partially).
  • [New][Forms] Call ‘needUpdate’ slots on click buttons, edit text etc., to update dialogs not linked to a datasource.
  • [New][Forms] 8131 Add property “Mode” for the LineEdit-Field control.
  • [New][Forms] Added ‘application.sessionStorage’ object to store and pass data during single session
  • [New][Form Editor] Allow sorting records, added methods: addSort(), removeSort(), applySorts(), clearSorts() (9.1.1)
  • [New][Form Editor] Add templates of JS code to sort records (9.1.1)
  • [New][Form Editor] Allow to setup sorting via Property Inspector (9.1.1)
  • [New][Updates] 8486 Add ability to check for updates using the proxy connection.
  • [New][Schema Editor] Add button to toggle preview panel in Schema Editor for tree mode.
  • [Imp] Updated UI icons
  • [Imp][Sql Editor] Opt-Click on an object name now select this object in the tree, instead of open another Schema Editor.
  • [Fix][Sql Editor] 8485 display non-printable chars in sql-editor
  • [Fix][Data Editor] Fixed pasting tabular data to database with schemas
  • [Fix][Data Transfer] Transfer of database with schemas (9.1.1)
  • [Fix][Schema Editor] Resize columns of a table with properties in the tree mode (9.1.1)
  • [Fix] 5259 Fix execute query and refresh result on readwrite cursor.
  • [Fix] 7300 Almost unable to read selected row in table if using dark theme on Linux (KDE).
  • [Fix] 7793 Renamed SQL Snippet is duplicated after application restart – with an old and a new name.
  • [Fix] 8468 Turning off sort fields does not work completely.
  • [Fix] 8470 Form Editor: NULL values are not handled in the ComboBox.
  • [Fix] 8479 Rightmost column sometimes is not visible.
  • [Fix] 8486 Add ability to check for updates using the proxy connection
  • [Fix] 8475 Need to limit auto width of columns to parent table width (9.1.1)
  • [Fix] 8498 F5 does not refresh Data Editor (9.1.1)

Valentina Server

  • [New] Docker for Valentina Server, on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows: Valentina Server Docker Documentation

ValentinaDB (Server, ADKs)

ValentinaDB is the ultra fast, advanced, object-relational database system from Paradigma Software.

  • [New] Totally a new additional way to do SQL Dump. Resolve problem when DB have really HUGE blob data: VDatabase.DumpEx() and VDatabase.LoadDumpEx()

Valentina ODBC ADK

Add our Valentina ODBC driver to your solutions that access Paradigma Software Valentina DB.


  • [Win] Total re-write of VODBC driver
  • [New] 64-bit archive, additionally to 32-bit; removed dependency on WX framework


Valentina for Xojo

Valentina for Xojo installs Valentina DB for Xojo ADK and Valentina Reports ADK for developing advanced database and data visualization applications with Xojo.

  • [Imp] One more attempt to make better threading of long tasks for Xojo. Now our YieldRunner uses own approach instead of MySQL plugin. Database_Diagnoze now has Progress Bar and demonstrates how to use Xojo Thread and V4RB to avoid “app not responding” state.

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site.

See the original announcement on the Valentina Forum.