Valentina 10.6.1 Released

Valentina Release 10.6.1 improves Visual Query Editor in Studio; Valentina ADKs for Xojo

This update includes fixes and improvements for Valentina Studio, Studio Pro and Studio Pro Universal. It also supports new functionality in Valentina ADKs for Xojo introduced to Xojo in Xojo2019r2 or newer.

Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO

Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • [New][Query Editor] Added dialog to edit JOIN. It is used to: change kind of JOIN – INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN; swap tables – switch between, e.g T1 LEFT JOIN T2 and T2 LEFT JOIN T1 modify the joined fields.
  • [Imp] Autocomplete of JOIN for ValentinaDB BinaryLink works now.
  • [Fix] Couple of fixes in autocomplete
  • [Fix][Preferences] Fixed wrong minimum size of the preferences dialog.

Valentina for Xojo

Valentina Database ADK and Valentina Reports ADK are available on Windows, Linux and macOS (with Raspberry PI) for Xojo development. The Valentina ADK Client for Xojo also provides connectivity to Valentina Server and this function is provided with the license of Valentina Server at no additional cost.

  • [Imp] Support Xojo DateTime class instead of Date in Xojo2019r2 or newer. Older Xojo versions can continue to use the Date class.

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site. See the original announcement on the forum.