Valentina Release 12.5 Now Available

Valentina 12.5 adds Placeholders to Studio, ValentinaDB BLOB performance

Studio also ARM native for macOS, new data filtering options in Data Editor

Valentina Studio FREE | Single | PRO

Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina Studio Pro combines database management with diagramming, forms creation, reporting and database continuous integration. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Imp] – Valentina Studio now built on top of Qt 6.3 on all operating systems
    • [New][Mac] – introduced ARM version of Valentina Studio
  • [New][SQL Editor] – placeholders in SQL text when:
    • [New] – an auto-complete suggestion is inserted
    • [New] – auto-complete insert a built-in or User-Defined function with arguments as placeholders
    • [New] – a snippet is inserted
    • [New] – template of SQL command is inserted
    • [New] – Table → Generate SQL → INSERT: provides placeholders in the VALUE part.
    • [New][Wiki] Placeholders documentation now available on the Valentina Wiki.
    • [New][DataEditor] – Filtered cells now can contain values such as a comma-separated list. This will be used as SQL search with “fld IN (value1, value2, …)”.
    • [Fix][Data Editor]7838 – Improve FILTER for Boolean fields:
      • 0/1 in filter-row are replaced with FALSE/TRUE for PostgreSQL
      • TRUE/IS NOT TRUE/IS FALSE/IS NOT FALSE filters are supported for all databases
  • [Fix][SQL Editor]7930 – SQL formatting is incorrect for comments where “–” is preceded by a character
  • [Fix][Query Editor]8217 – Update the generated query by clicking the “Select All” checkbox if some fields have already been selected.
  • [Fix][Schema Editor][SQLite]9105 – ‘Default Value’ during design Table.


Valentina DB is Paradigma Software advanced, object relational database and available in Valentina DB Server (a part of Valentina Server) and ValentinaDB ADKs (developer components for adding runtime database support to applications).

Important: Format Update for ValentinaDB. Opening a ValentinaDB database in Valentina Studio 12.5 will automatically update it to Valentina 12.5 format.

  • [Imp][BLOB]9119 – The speed of BLOBs is 5-10 greater than 12.4.4.
    • CHANGES in db format for BLOB fields
    • Please backup your database BEFORE opening it in the 12.5, because conversion is automatic, and there is no back-conversion.

[Info] – we have switched all of our projects to the C++20 standard

All product updates are available for immediate download from the Paradigma Software download site. See the original announcement on the forum.