Valentina for Director ADK Products are Now Free

Valentina for Director ADK now FreeValentina DB ADK for Director and Valentina Reports ADK for Director are now licensed at no cost, but without support.The long suffering Director community learned their favored tool was entirely terminal earlier this year, as Adobe announced end-of-life plans, with the ending of sales on February 1, 2017, and the end of any support as of March 14th.

It was not unexpected. After the acquisition of Macromedia, Adobe did release updates in 2008 and 2013, but the original developers were gone long before that.  Macromedia wasn’t really providing much support for Director once they had acquired Flash either.

Paradigma Software has supported Director for many years. With Valentina DB ADK for Director (our ultra-fast, object relational database), and more recently, Valentina Reports ADK for Director (embedding a powerful business reporting engine into Director), Director developers have been shipping business solutions with advanced data management capabilities.

But, we have to acknowledge that Director users aren’t going to flock to our solutions because their platform has reached end-of-life. Sadly, this means we cannot continue to upgrade Valentina for Director – but we can make our existing database and reports components available for free to Director users.

With this strategy in mind, Director users can continue to provide some powerful tools to their customers, as long as their projects continue to run on supported operating systems. And also, Valentina solutions are available for other visual tools on the market, including Xojo, Inc’s Xojo cross platform development tool, and many others high and low  level development environments, including platforms such as Java and C++, which all support more operating system targets, including Windows, MacOS and Linux (including Debian on ARM 7, aka Raspbian for Raspberry PI). Director users then can more easily transition to this new platforms as the business side of solutions – Valentina DB and Valentina Reports – are already there, both for local applications and for server-based solutions with Valentina Server.

The Valentina platform for Director then will be free, and continue to be available for the foreseeable future. But since there is no supporting revenue, the platform will remain at Valentina 7.x, and non-contract, free support will only be community based through our forums for Valentina DB ADK and Valentina Reports ADK.