RELEASE 4.8 – New Products, Features…

Hi Everybody!

We have work very hard latest months to introduce next 4.8 release of Valentina Database. Below is the short list of new products and features that we have implement.

[NEW] Valentina Reports NEW Engine (!!!)

Amazing job was done in this direction. During latest 8 months was (re)written Valentina Report engine. We have totally drop dependency on wxWidget library in reports and have start to use new other much more powerful libs.

Improvements are made on two levels:
1) VReports.dll – engine of Valentina Reports itself, which is used by both VStudio and ADKs
2) VStudio Report Editor

[NEW] iValentina – iPhone and iPAD version (!!!)

We are happy introduce iValentina – GUI tool for iPhone and separate version for iPAD, which is analog of Valentina Studio ADMIN. iValentina allow you manage a Valentina Server in any way, as you are used with VStudio ADMIN. (We will submit iValentina into nearest days.)

[NEW] Sqlite plugin for Valentina Studio (!!!)

We introduce preview of new Sqlite plugin for Valentina Studio Pro. Now you can use Valentina Studio to manage a Sqlite database!  You can use powerful Valentina Studio features as Diagram Editor and SQL Builder.

[NEW] Valentina Studio Pro for Linux (!)

We have port Valentina Studio Pro to Linux. So linux guys now can be happy.

[NEW] Valentina for Cocoa – Interface Builder Plugin (!!)

Interface Builder (IB) plugin is an incredible addition to V4CC.framework, which allows to developer bind GUI of his Windows/Dialogs to a Valentina Database  without any line of code!

[NEW] Valentina for Cocoa – KVC, Fast Enumeration, GC, Controllers, Bindings, … (!!)

We have add into V4CC.framework one more folder “V4CC/Cocoa”, which contains additional classes of different Valentina Controllers, categories that extend existed V4CC classes (e.g. VCursor) to support fundamental Cocoa technologies as KVC, Fast Enumerations, Bindings, Controllers, ability for V4CC to be used in projects with enabled garbage collection option.

[NEW] Valentina Servers – MAC OS X Control Panel (!)

We introduce “Valentina Servers” control pannel for OS X, that allow you control in the visual way state of installed Valentina Server(s). You can see state of each VServer (running/stopped), you can change state. Also you can clean vlogs folder of a VServer by button click.

This control panel is able to recognize and work in the same time with Valentina Office and  Embedded, running in 32 and 64 bit modes.

[IMP] Valentina for REAL Studio – Support of Cocoa Target improved.

Latest REAL Studio builds introduce yet experimental feature – Cocoa builds. We have made some fixed in V4RB to make sure Valentina works in this mode.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc