Paradigma Software Participates in Omegabundle 2011 for REAL Studio

Paradigma Software has joined with a group of professional development tool vendors to produce and release Omega Bundle 2011 for the REAL Studio environment. This limited time package contains $3200 worth of tools but available in this set for $399 – over 80% savings.

Omega Bundle 2011 for REAL Studio brings together 10 essential plugins, add-ons and more, including:

  • Formatted Text Control. Instantly add word processor capabilities to REAL Studio based applications. Sold separately for $150.00.
  • Pariahware Elastic Window. Provides elegant window resizing in your applications. Sold separately for $195.00.
  • Mask-R-Aid. A developer’s tool to generate masks for photo realistic icons. Sold separately for $19.95.
  • RB Code Reports. Generates reports on software metrics for your REAL Studio based applications. Sold separately for $24.95.
  • REAL Studio Developer Magazine. All previously published issues plus one-year subscription. Sold separately for $261.00.
  • Aspen Icon Set. 80 professionally designed, cross platform compatible icons for your applications. Sold separately for $179.00.
  • Valentina Office Server Unlimited. Advanced database and reports server based on the ultra fast columnar database engine Valentina. Sold separately for $1499.
  • Franklin 3D Game Engine. Easy to use, multi-platform cross-platform 3D engine for games, simulations and 3D apps. Sold Separately for $299.
  • MBS Complete. Thousands of new functions that transcend REAL Studio limitations. Sold separately for $259.00.
  • Valentina ADK+ for REAL Studio. Embedded local ultra fast database for REAL Studio on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Sold separately for $399.00.

This package will elevate your REAL Studio programming to a whole new level that will allow you to produce more polished applications, or applications with features not possible using REAL Studio by itself. REAL Studio is the modern, cross-platform, integrated development environment for building object oriented BASIC applications on Windows, Linux and MacOS X and available separately from Austin, Texas based REAL Software.

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We’ve seen some great coverage by our friends in this bundle such as Pariahware, makers of Elastic Window.

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Lynn Fredricks is president of Paradigma Software, Incorporated.