VStudio:Report Editor – Now works with PostgreSQL as Datasource.

Valentina Studio Pro’s Report Editor now works using a PostgreSQL database specified as datasource! If have some Postgre database, connect to it and start design new report using data of that database. You can instantly preview your data right within Valentina Studio Pro. Reports are saved into a project format so you can reuse them at any time.

You can already use design reports this way from data from any Valentina DB ADK (REALbasic, Revolution, Cocoa, NET, PHP, … ). You can see few snapshots below.

Support for PostgreSQL will be included in Valentina Studio 5.0b1 – coming real soon. Valentina Reports will be able to work with local Valentina databases, Valentina Server hosted databases, local SQLite and now with PostgreSQL server.

Published by

Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc