New Docs About ENUM Type in v5.0

Today I added new reference pages to the wiki of e.g. SQL grammar about a new feature of Valentina DB for 5.0: the ENUM type.

This is the first step towards a CREATE TYPE command based on the SQL 2003 standard. Next we can add composite types, collection types and inheritance.

We think that Valentina can have a more effective and flexible ENUM implementation compared to PostgreSQL or mySQL. One example is that Valentina can use 1 byte to store an enum value, while mySQL – 2, PostgreSQL – 4.

We are finishing now integration of this feature into Valentina Studio for both Valentina DB and PostgreSQL plugins. Database types in Valentina Studio are supported through a plugin architecture.

These are major entry points in the Valentina Wiki to check:

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Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc