Valentina Studio 5.4 Released; Valentina Server and ADKs Updated

Paradigma Software announces the release of Valentina Studio 5.4, the powerful cross platform database management and enterprise reports design solution for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. This new release includes over 50 new features, fixes and improvements in both the free Valentina Studio and the not-free Valentina Studio Pro.

New Valentina Studio 5.4 Features

  • Data Editor was rewritten to work with huge tables containing millions of records
  • Significant performance improvements with MySQL Servers serving large numbers of databases
  • Ability to set LIMIT and OFFSET in Query Builder
  • Save and load queries for sharing with other Valentina Studio users
  • Ability to work with self recursive tables in Query Builder
  • Works with Putty generated SSL keys
  • Case sensitivity supported in SQL DIFF
  • Improved speed in saving and loading dumps with MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Add/Edit/Drop Privileges per User or per Schema in PostgreSQL

Valentina Studio is free; Valentina Studio Pro adds SQLDIFF, Report Designer and other advanced features for $199 on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. A free introductory video for Valentina Studio is also available on Youtube.

Five copies of Valentina Studio Pro (value of $995) are included with the current Omegabundle for Xojo 2013, a super bundle of add-ons, tools and components for use with Xojo Inc’s multiplatform development environment Xojo. The combined value of this package is $4908, but cost only $399 – but only for a limited time through this offer. It includes tools for designing inventive user interfaces for Xojo apps, powerful business reports, a complete 3D engine, an advanced database server, retina display support, flexible SQLite extension, work with enterprise database servers, a 3D modeling package for building objects for use with the game engine, advanced code editor, preparation for Mac App Store and Web sales – and a whole lot more! Omegabundle for Xojo includes over Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 is available for a limited time through the Omegabundle website.

Valentina Server and also the developer products Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina DB ADK were also updated with all underlying fixes and improvements. The updates are immediately available for download on their website at

About Paradigma Software

Paradigma Software launched its first product, the post-relational, columnar database technology Valentina, based on the groundbreaking work of Ruslan Zasukhin in advanced database research. Mr Zasukhin’s research was to develop a database system that bypassed the severe constraints on traditional relational database systems as they grow in size and complexity. Valentina maximizes available resources by making data based tasks of millions of items extremely fast and efficient.

Paradigma Software Incorporated was established in 1998 in Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software has additional offices for development and sales in Germany and Japan.

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Lynn Fredricks is president of Paradigma Software, Incorporated.