[NEW] Valentina Studio – Server Admin – now shows logs of mySQL and PostgreSQL

We have added ability to show log files of mySQL and PostgreSQL in Server Admin of Valentina Studio 5.5.

mySQL have two kinds of logs: as files and stored in the sys tables. File logs can be accessed by SSH connection, sys table logs can be access by SQL commands of mySQL. You can work with both these kinds of mySQL logs now.

postgreSQL also have two kinds of logs: in default format and in CSV format. Native SQL commands of postgreSQL can work with the first format. CSV format logs can be views only via SSH connections. You can work with both these kinds of postgreSQL logs now.

Note that for SSH vstudio opens one more connection to load that log files as from FTP.

See pictures:

vs_sa_logs_mysql vs_sa_logs_postgre_sftp

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Ruslan Zasukhin

VP Engineering and New Technology Paradigma Software, Inc