Video: Installing Valentina ADK for Cocoa on Mac OS X

Installing Valentina ADK for CocoaIf you are developing native Cocoa applications with Apple Xcode you will want to check out how to install and get started with Valentina ADK. You can build ultra fast database applications with Valentina DB ADK for Cocoa, and embed visually stunning reports in your applications with Valentina Reports ADK for Cocoa.

This video covers the following topics:



  • Downloading the single ADK archive for both products
  • Installing the single archive from the installer image
  • Linking to the Valentina framework in Apple Xcode
  • Importing the main Valentina header
  • Adding a new button to initiate / shut down Valentina Client
  • Adding code to connect to a remote Valentina Server
  • Adding some SELECT code to display some records

If you are developing fast database applications for Mac OS X, you can use Valentina Reports ADK for Cocoa to display and format your data better than any other commercial reports framework.