SQLite Connections in Valentina Server

SQLite & Valentina Server Part 2
We announced recently that Valentina Server would support SQLite, and the first questions coming in are how connections will work, especially for the OEM redeployable Valentina Developer Network Server.

Valentina Server is both a Reports Server and a Database Server. Previously,  the only database engine incorporated was our own Valentina DB object-relational database technology. Soon, you will be able to use SQLite as an alternative engine, which means it will be much faster and easier to create true client-server solutions based around SQLite. Fortunately, you’ll be able to give this solution a try as soon as March, 2015!

Valentina Server is licensed in two ways:

  • As a standalone product, Valentina Server
  • As an OEM / redeployable product, the VDN version of Valentina Server

Both ways, you have tiered licensing depending on the number of unnamed connections. Lets just focus for now on VDN, which allows developers to deploy the base version of Valentina Server royalty free to their customers, as a part of their solution. This is a five (unnamed) connection version. Because they are unnamed connections, that is enough to support a small to medium sized office (there is also a no-longer-secret additional admin connection added recently). These were set up based on the exceptional value in the Valentina DB database engine. But we are taking a more liberal approach to management of connections and SQLite.

Valentina Server with Valentina DB uses tiers at 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and Unlimited connections. When SQLite gets added, the number of connections for SQLite will be the next higher tier.

For example, the VDN base Valentina Server serves 5 connections. However when SQLite is added, the SQLite support will allow 10 connections. Yes, that means that the 250 connection level supports an unlimited number of SQLite connections!

VDN licensees will be able to ship to their customers an unlimited number of 10 connection SQLite supporting Valentina Servers for only $599.

You can find more information about Valentina Developer Network on the main Paradigma Software website.